Guiding Principals


BLS Public Relations (BLSPR) believes in identifying numerous story angles and developing creative and sometimes non-traditional avenues to find a “home” and a wide audience for each client message. Together with the client, BLSPR identifies clear-cut goals designed to reach the client’s marketing and sales objectives.

BLSPR’s trademark is its ability to manage and implement multi-platform programs designed to gain maximum exposure and results for its clients. BLSPR has perfected the art of getting the most out of a project opportunity, much to the delight and satisfaction of many clients.

With the explosion of sophisticated digital electronic communications devices, the wide variety of network, public, cable and satellite television, satellite radio and online multi-media outlets offer more communications and publicity opportunities than ever before. Talk shows, specialty channels, websites, webinars, podcast, online streaming, social media, among other platforms, provide for multiple placement opportunities.

Identifying alternative routes to generate awareness if the first strategies falter is part of BLSPR’s strategic advance planning. This can make the difference between a campaign’s success or failure.

BLSPR keeps on top of current events nationwide and attempts to capitalize on these breaking news cycles by creating opportunities for clients to secure publicity. Whether it’s how an FCC regulation will affect the communications industry or what the next trend is in the online space, BLSPR constantly stays ahead of the game, recognizing and acting on timely situations.

BLSPR acknowledges that today’s competitive market requires creative minds to effectively separate your message from the noise. BLSPR has worked successfully with numerous clients for more than two decades to develop creative ways to deliver their messages, raise brand profiles and maximize resources.

BLSPR is proud of its relationship with the media. The trust developed between the consultancy and key producers, editors, reporters and bloggers is based on an understanding of what they want, when they want it and what form is best. Researching special sections, personnel changes and target pitching increases the odds of achieving success.

In today’s business climate, companies cannot afford to risk public embarrassment and negative media and online exposure that can go viral in seconds. BLSPR will identify potential pitfalls and be ready for them with a crisis action plan. It is important to be ahead of the potential crisis situation and prepared to move into action if a challenge exists.